KAREEM GAD (Egypt/France)

Egyptian international master teacher, co-founder and co-director of Bellmasry Dance Company based in Paris, France.

Since childhood, his curiosity about the art led him to discover and study the art of singing, music, poetry, percussion, acting and dance.

Kareem have been danced in most of the Egyptian theaters and the grand theater of Cairo Opera house, сhoreographed and danced for the Egyptian TV series and films production and video clips, he has taught and performed in many festivals and events around the world.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has done a lot of researches into the Egyptian folkloric heritage and the oriental dance (history, music, dance).

Kareem now created his theatrical ways for his dance shows. His choreographies known by the creativity and rich details all over the oriental dance community.

YULIA REDKOUS (Russia/Egypt)

Internationally renowned egyptian style bellydancer and choreographer, Ahlan lel Hob festival director in Siberia and Cairo Mirage Bellydance Union teacher.

SUMAYA (Belarus/Lebanon) - www.tamazur.by

Professional bellydancer and choreographer, graduated from the Belorussian University of Culture, Belorussian Dance Academy.

Work experience as a bellydancer: Lebanon, UAE, Egypt.

Winner and awardwinner of most known world bellydance festivals as Nilegroup festival in Egypt, Amani oriental festival in Lebanon, Egyptian Fever and Stockholm bellydance festival in Sweden, Russian world dance Olympiad and many others.

At the same time Sumaya is the Head of the Belorussian Oriental dance League, representative Internmational Dance Organization in Arabic countries, head of IDO Lebanon.

IRINITA JUMAN (Russia/Latvia) - www.juman.lv

Irinita is an accomplished international professional bellydancer who has performed in the Egypt, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, UK, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, and has taught in the Egypt, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece&Cyprus.

Since Irinita began Middle Eastern Dance in 2001, she continues to train at the highest level with some of the most sought-after Masters, having studied with Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmi, Raqia Hassan, Yousry Sharif, Dina, Randa Kamel, just to name a few. Irinita was also a serious student of other world dances and is well-versed in Ballroom dancing, Salsa, Jazz Modern & Broadway Jazz Dance.

She graduated from the program of instructors and judges under the Russian League of Belly Dance Masters and started teaching classes in Moscow from 2005.

Irinita teaches workshops in Latvia and abroad as well as daily bellydance and folklore classes at her own oriental dance studio Juman based in Riga, Latvia.

She is a multi-award winning dancer in both Raqs Sharqi and Middle Eastern Folklore.

Since 2011 Irinita organizes oriental dance events such as Helwa Raqs Training Session, the annual international oriental dance Azure Festival and Latvian Open Oriental Dance Cup.

MARGARITA KAMYAK (Latvia) - www.zafira.lv

Margarita is experienced teacher and the leader of Oriental dance studio “Zafira”.

Dancing since the age of five, Margarita has a strong background in classical ballet. In 2002 she discovered belly dance and has been charmed ever since.
She attended and finished numerous dance education programs including the classes of leading Egyptian master-teachers.

Margarita is a winner of the Belly Dance competitions such as:
- „Oasis festival” Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
- "Miss Oriental” Riga, Latvia
- “Baltic Cup 2008” Vilnius, Lithuania
- “Baltic Cup 2009” Klaipeda, Lithuania
- “Oriental World Cup” Limassol, Cyprus
- “Azure Festival 2011” Riga, Latvia
- “The Queen of the Pyramid 2011” Riga, Latvia and others.

In 2012 finished Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy on specialty Dance and Rhythmic Teacher.
Currently, she is student in Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy where she studies Academic Master's higher education program "Dance Pedagogy".
She is a member of international Bellydance Evolution team, lead by one of the most famous bellydancers in the world Jillina. She travelled with show "The Dark Side of the Crown" to Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Austira and Spain.

Margarita is one of the most celebrated dancers and teachers in Latvia known for her flawless technique and elegant style.