Egyptian superstar performer, instructor & choreographer.

As quite a many Egyptian solo dancers, Aziza comes from Alexandria. She is one of the most sought-after instructors and performers in the Oriental dance festivals worldwide, such as Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo and many others.

Aziza is known for her unique style, inspired by the genuine expression of the golden era Egyptian dancers, yet very up to date.

She is constantly developing her dance, including modern techniques, without losing the genuine Egyptian taste. Studies in the music field have given her profound understanding and love for the classic songs, and depth in interpreting them.

You would love to learn her style and to see her dancing. Her shimmies are strong and for sure she is the dance herself!

SUMAYA (Belarus/Lebanon) -

Professional bellydancer and choreographer, graduated from the Belorussian University of Culture, Belorussian Dance Academy.

Work experience as a bellydancer: Lebanon, UAE, Egypt.

Winner and awardwinner of most known world bellydance festivals as Nilegroup festival in Egypt, Amani oriental festival in Lebanon, Egyptian Fever and Stockholm bellydance festival in Sweden, Russian world dance Olympiad and many others.

At the same time Sumaya is the Head of the Belorussian Oriental dance League, representative Internmational Dance Organization in Arabic countries, head of IDO Lebanon.

DELANNA (Germany) -

Originally from Russia, living in Germany, Delanna got in contact with oriental dance as a teenager.

Fascinated by this dance and unable to stop, she finished her training as an instructor for oriental dance at the German Dance Sports Association in 2006. Right afterward she opened her dance studio “Oriental Art“.

Delanna has been dancing for many years in the ensemble of Magdy El Leisy. Delanna was awarded with the Halima prize in 2008 as an excellent emerging artist. A year afterwards Delanna won the title "Bellydancer of the World" in the category Solo Fantasy with her VOI Dance.

After the birth of her daughter, she started 2011 the jomdance education by Said El Amir and finished it with the best grades. She also graduated TAI: Tools at Raksan and Dance Pedagogy training with Claudia Lorenz.

The modern and east influence is a feature of their dance style, but her love belongs to the Cairo - style and the Egyptian character. She cares for it with regular trips to Cairo and Projects with Sahra Saeeda (Journey through Egypt 1&2, 3&4 and trips to Luxor).

Some of the accomplishments of this young and talented dancer are:

Trained by the Stars Award (Tarazade Festival in Istanbul)
1. Place German Championship - Raks Sharki
1. Place German Championship - Show

1. Place RaksSharki Professional Oasis Festival (St. Petersburg)
Member of Bellydance Evolution Show in Vienna & Madrid
1. Place German Championship - Raks Sharki
1. Place German Championship - Show
1. Place German Championship - Folk

1. Place - RaksSharki
1. Place - Folk
2. Place - Show

IRINITA JUMAN (Russia/Latvia) -

Irinita is an accomplished international professional bellydancer who has performed in the Egypt, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, UK, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, and has taught in the Egypt, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece&Cyprus.

Since Irinita began Middle Eastern Dance in 2001, she continues to train at the highest level with some of the most sought-after Masters, having studied with Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmi, Raqia Hassan, Yousry Sharif, Dina, Randa Kamel, just to name a few. Irinita was also a serious student of other world dances and is well-versed in Ballroom dancing, Salsa, Jazz Modern & Broadway Jazz Dance.

She graduated from the program of instructors and judges under the Russian League of Belly Dance Masters and started teaching classes in Moscow from 2005.

Irinita teaches workshops in Latvia and abroad as well as daily bellydance and folklore classes at her own oriental dance studio Juman based in Riga, Latvia.

She is a multi-award winning dancer in both Raqs Sharqi and Middle Eastern Folklore.

Since 2011 Irinita organizes oriental dance events such as Helwa Raqs Training Session, the annual international oriental dance Azure Festival and Latvian Open Oriental Dance Cup.