Entry form for SOLO:

If you have gifted certificate or discount voucher, indicate it after your name.

Juvenals Oriental
Juvenals Folklore
Juvenals Fusion & Show-bellydance

Juniors Oriental
Juniors Folklore
Juniors Fusion & Show-bellydance

Adults Oriental
Adults Folklore
Adults Baladi & Shaabi solo
Adults Fusion & Show-bellydance

To enter the competition in soloist categories you must be booked at least one workshop.

Gulden Fatkulla, Megense, May 10
Lamya Taoussi, Moroccan, May 10
Natalia Kamenchuk, Tarab, May 10
Maria Salienko, Show-bellydance, May 12
Irinita Juman, Oriental song, May 12
Natalia Kamenchuk, Haleegy, May 12
Gulden Fatkulla, Baladi, May 12
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