We will send you the needed data for the remittance in the answer letter to your application.
The application becomes valid only if we receive your payment.

In order to get the discounts you have to apply and send your payment until the deadline. If you apply well before the deadline but we do not receive your payment in time then you loose your possibility of getting the discount of that period, and you enter a new period with a new deadline and less discount.

If you apply in advance but you pay only later on the spot, then we, unfortunately, cannot give you discount.

With this new discount-system we would like to support early registration in order to avoid queues for administration, and limit the number of students on classes, if necessary. Our aim is to offer classes with an appropriate number and comfort.

Sumaya, Mejanse, June 01
Yulia Redkous, Tarab, June 01
Kareem Gad, Shaabi, June 01
Margarita Kamjaka, Drum Solo, June 02
Irinita Juman, Baladi, June 03
Kareem Gad, Saidi, June 03
Yulia Redkous, Oriental, June 03
Sumaya, Iraqi Kawleeya, June 03
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